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           w/Robert Boston




                       album cover by Veronica Triplett

The Core Trio w/ The Torture Chamber Trio

This is a piece i wrote for the core trio with a clarinet trio.

Martin Langford - clarinet

Doug Wright - clarinet

Karl Fulbright - bass clarinet

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You can watch the actual performance on YouTube

The Core Trio

“....Musical rebels who inherently understand that true jazz is, and always has been, subversive”

                                                                                                                      -Tim Hagans


The Core Trio was part of the the avant garde quartet Rosta.  After the break up of the that group,

The Core Trio formed in 2004. With the line up of Seth Paynter-saxes, Richard Cholakian - drums

and bassist/leader Thomas Helton, The Core Trio began to develop their unique stye of compositional

style of  improv.

In 2013 TCT recorded their first CD with New York pianist and long time friend, Robert Boston. “Robert

is one of the few musicians that can appreciate the controlled chaos pacing of the trio. Shortly after the

release, drummer Richard Cholakian left the group. After much consideration the group moved on and

hired Joe Hertenstein to replace him. With Hertenstein, the trio played a very successful series of shows in NY

at Downtown Music Gallery, Freddys Backroom, Goodbye Blue Monday and Douglas Street Collective.

While in NY the trio recorded their new Record with piano great Matthew Shipp to be released summer

  1. 2014.They are planning a trio record soon as well as another collaboration with trombonist Steve Swell.

A recording of a live engagement in Houston in 2014 is scheduled to be release by the European label

Evil Rabbit.


The Core Trio


Matthew Shipp

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The Core Trio Live at Homeland Gallery

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                             Recorded Live at Ovations Nightclub